Ferrari boss says that V6 power is a possibility

A V6 Ferrari? Should that be one of the signs that the world is coming to an end? Start preparing for Armageddon because according to Ferrari boss Amedeo Felisa, the Italian brand could build V6-engined cars in the future.

When asked about the possibility of a V6 powered Ferrari, Felisa said: “If I had to answer the question a year ago I would have said no, but attitudes are changing and we build cars for customers.”

As for an electric Ferrari, don’t hold your breath.

“If you look at global warming, the right solution is not full electric,” Felisa said. “It”s more a marketing solution than a real one, sound is just as important as design and performance for Ferrari. We will not make engine sounds with speakers.”

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar