LaHood: Toyota has a strong safety record, is a good corporate citizen

After being harsh on Toyota for the past two days, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood changed his tone late yesterday afternoon, praising Toyota’s previous record.

LaHood posted a statement on a government blog saying “it’s also important to remember that, fundamentally, Toyota has a strong safety record and is a good corporate citizen.”  He said that Toyota was “doing the right thing.”

Earlier this week, LaHood made comments such as “we’re not finished with Toyota” confirming that the U.S. was considering imposing fines of up to $16.4 million for how Toyota handled its recall situation.

At a House hearing on Wednesday, LaHood said that his advice to anyone that owns a recalled Toyota vehicle should “stop driving it and take it to a Toyota dealer.”

The comment send owners running to dealers and Toyota’s stock price tumbling. LaHood later cleared up his comment saying that he meant only owners of vehicles who were experiencing problems should immediately visit a dealer.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit News