Scion vice president says hybrids would be too pricey for its demographic

We’ve been hearing for some time now that Scion vehicles will get the application of hybrid technology in the near future – well, don’t hold your breath. According to Jack Hollis, vice president of Scion, owners of the brand seem to be content with their sub $20,000 form of transportation.

While hybrids would seem to be a natural fit for Scion, the technology would make the vehicles too expensive for the brand’s young buyers, says Hollis.

“We really still feel (hybrids) fit into the Toyota lineup better than the Scion lineup, from a pricing structure,” Hollis told WardsAuto.

He said that Scion aims to keep its prices below $20,000 and dismissed the notion of the recently unveiled FT-Ch hybrid concept could become a Scion.

“I don”t know what they”re working on (for) the pricing of that,” Hollis says. “We just know it fits into that Prius family. Scion would want to have a totally differentiating hybrid, and we don”t have that ready yet.”

– By: Kap Shah

Source: WardsAuto