Ford Transit Connect BEV to debut at 2010 Chicago Auto Show

FoMoCo has confirmed that it will unveil a new all-electric version of the Ford Transit Connect van at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show next week. The battery-powered Transit Connect will be the first in a series of electric-vehicles from the Dearborn automaker and will be available to fleet customers later this year.

“Ford Transit Connect Electric is an urban, zero emission, light commercial van that serves the environment as well as its owners,” said Ford spokesman Robert Parker. “Instead of an internal combustion engine, the Transit Connect Electric uses a high-voltage electric motor that takes its power from a battery pack charged by plugging into a 120- or 240-volt outlet and uses not a single drop of gas.”

In October, FoMoCo announced that it has teamed up with Azure Dynamics Corporation to produce batteries for the Transit Connect BEV.

The Ford Transit Connect BEV will be followed by the Ford Focus BEV in 2011.

2010 Ford Transit Connect:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit News