Tata Nano becoming a status symbol in India

Around ten months after the Tata Nano”s launch, Tata has booked 206,703 sales and has delivered some 17,000 units. According to some research done by Christian Science Motor, some 70 percent of bookings came from nonmetro areas.

The publication gives an example of Satish Kumar, a rural farmer who doesn’t really need a car but uses it for family occasions. “I”m mainly concentrating on using it socially ““ taking my whole family to weddings and other family functions,” Kumar says.

But it isn’t only folks like Kumar who are buying the $2,000 Nano. Even the wealthy are looking for a car for their kids or for a chance to own the latest “status symbol.”

“We were expecting people to come who were … on two-wheelers, or in lower-model cars. It was a total surprise ““ people were coming “¦ who have two or three cars, but wanted the Nano just for the sake of having it,” Resham Singh, showroom manager at a Tata dealership said.

As for Kumar’s mother, who is really proud of her son for purchasing a car, she says: “We can”t go anywhere because it”s expensive.”

– By: Kap Shah

Source: CSM (via Straightline)