Video: Two soccer players test the Audi A1, video translation makes us laugh

If you’re not familiar with soccer than you probably don’t know who Bastian Schweinsteiger and Philipp Lahm are – to you they’re probably just two lucky blokes who had the privilege to test-drive the new Audi A1 in a strictly shielded area from the outside world in a hall at a secret location.

Audi marked out a demanding practice course for the two soccer players to get their feedback on how agile the A1 is in their opinion. What did they think?

“The A1 is small and compact, fantastically holds to the road ““ it simply handles well. I like it,” said Lahm.

Their unanimous opinion: “A truly sporty car! It”s clearly our favorite for the next season.”

You can check out a video of their test-drive after the jump. Besides seeing them drive around the course in the new hatchback and hearing some funny translation, you’ll get to see a very blurry looking A1.

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– By: Omar Rana