In his first public comment on the massive recall surrounding Toyota, President and CEO Akio Toyoda apologized to his customers for causing them so much worry.

“I am deeply sorry,” said Toyoda in a brief interview with the Japanese network NHK. Toyoda was seen leaving the interview in a black Audi.

“Truly we think of our customers as a priority and we guarantee their safety,” Toyoda said. He said that he could not answer questions about the recall because the company “was still investigating” the issue.

According to Toyota’s supplier CTS, the companies are awaiting a federal government approval of a redesigned accelerator pedal that is currently being developed.

The recall is now estimated to involve at least nine million cars and trucks.

Here are some highlights on the new surrounding Toyota’s Pedal Recall:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: ABC News

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  • Pat

    I guess Toyota's customers are deeply sorry for buying a Toyota.

  • kong

    That sux … all this went down long before he started but he has to clean it up & take blame/responsibility.

  • It is sad. Toyota, known for its reliability and super efficient vehicles, is slowly erasing the image it drew with so much difficulty in the last fifty years with each passing day and recall.