Toyota’s pedal supplier has a fix, says it has nothing to do with sticking accelerator

CTS Corp., the company that made the pedal modules for Toyota said that it has a fix and is setting up production at three factories to get the new parts to Toyota’s plants. CTS Corp. CEO Vinod Khilnani said that the company is also working with Toyota to fix the cars already on the road.

Testing by Toyota and CTS shows that a condensation-related problem is the cause of the sticky accelerators, which can cause the gas pedal to return too slowly to its original position. With age, the gas pedal can even get stuck.

Khilnani said that CTS is also developing a new redesigned pedal that will go to Toyota plants for installation in new cars. CTS will ramp up production and add additional capacity at its three plants.

“All three sites are producing the new pedal,” Khilnani said. “We always have some excess capacity, but because Toyota wants to replace [the parts] as quickly as possible, we’re putting additional production lines to ramp up faster-than-normal production.”

He said that CTS’s accelerator-module sensor has nothing to do with the sticky gas pedal issue. “It is a mechanical issue driven by the design and unique to Toyota,” Khilnani said.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)