Congress to hold hearings on Toyota recalls in Feb. 25

House Energy and Commerce chairman Henry Waxman, and subcommittee chairman Bart Stupak, said today that Congress will hold the first hearings on Toyota’s recall woes in February.

Both said that the committee will hold a¬†Feb. 25 hearing “to examine the persistent consumer complaints of sudden unintended acceleration in vehicles manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation.”

“Like many consumers, I am concerned by the seriousness and scope of Toyota’s recent recall announcements,” Waxman said. “I look forward to learning more about the steps Toyota is taking to address safety defects, and I hope that the automaker will continue to cooperate with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to get unsafe vehicles off our roads.

Toyota said it will cooperate with the hearings.

“Toyota appreciates the opportunity to inform the committee about matters related to the recent recalls of Toyota and Lexus vehicles and our efforts to address the situation for our customers,” spokeswoman Martha Voss said. “Helping ensure the safety of our customers and restoring confidence in Toyota are very important to our company and we pledge our full cooperation with the committee.”

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News