Report: Jan. auto sales are coming in expectedly low

Auto sales figures for the month of January are coming in low, as expected, following a strong December rife with holiday sale specials. While this month”s sales figures may be somewhat disappointing after December, the seasonally adjusted annual rate for January is significantly better than early 2009, and for the full-year. Low January sales figures are generally expected, with this January forecasted to be particularly low because of the pull-ahead sales of this December.

Despite this month”s performance, Edmunds predicts 2010″s sales to remain on track to hit 11.5 million units.

“The discount opportunities between Christmas and New Year’s have become legend. The story is so compelling that the deals don’t actually have to be good, but people will still buy,” said CEO Jeremy Anwyl.

January generally proposes a challenge for auto sales as those who are sensitive to deals are generally lying in wait for President”s Day events.

– By: Stephen Caogera

Source: AutoObserver