Audi A1 customers will be able to order roof arch in different colors (w/ video)

Throughout last week, Audi gave us details on the upcoming A1 subcompact’s sales plans and its LED headlight design. Today the Ingolstadt automaker has released information about the exterior design.

Audi says there are two details on the A1’s exterior body that clearly stand out. First, the shoulder line has been modestly designed so that for the first time it encompasses the entire car. Second, the new color-contrasted roof arch gives the silhouette of the A1 an entirely new shape. The combination, matched to the single-frame grille, extends over the front lights to the tail lights and the rear hatch.

“The shoulder line is the most important design element of the A1. The clear separation between the front, side, and rear has been eliminated to produce a holistic sculpture,” says Jurgen Loffler, exterior designer of the Audi A1. “The contrasting roof arch traces the roofline of the A1 when viewed from the side. This is something new that we are doing here for the A1. The windshield is a bit more upright; the rear window, on the other hand, is more inclined and flowing, giving the car a very sporty and dynamic appearance.”

Audi says that A1 customers will be able to order the roof arch in variety of colors, regardless of the body color.

Click through for the video of Loffler talking about exterior design.

2011 Audi A1 (Teasers):

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– By: Omar Rana