Angry protestors interrupt Chrysler CEO Marchionne’s speech

Sergio Marchionne”s dinner speech was the target of protestors at the Automotive News World Congress on Tuesday evening.

In a dramatic display, the protestors carried white balloons and a banner, and upon release of the balloons one protestor, Teamsters Union member Matteo Colombi, commenced to distribute flyers to the crowd that read “The Fiat/Chrysler Bailout Bandit. Tell Chrysler: Stop Killing Good Jobs.” It also referred people to the website “˜”. Colombi”s protest came in the wake of Chrysler”s decision to use non-unionized car haulers; a move that will save the company about $10 per car, or $10 million total.

Another protestor made her way on stage and began ranting about how a defective Chrysler product caused her mother”s demise. “My mother died because of a defective Chrysler product,” the woman said. The banner hung from the ceiling read “Fiat-Chrysler: Damaged When Delivered?”

Marchionne was more than apologetic to the crowd for the interruptions.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Free Press