Nissan developing two subcompact cars for U.S. priced under $10,000

Nissan will be developing two subcompact vehicles for the American market to be based off of the carmaker’s global V platform. The as-of-yet unnamed models will supplant the Versa as the companies smallest vehicle in the U.S., and will sell for an attractive figure; under $10,000.

To be sourced in Mexico, the V platform will support three cars; two of which will be sold in the U.S., but all three to be sold in Central and South America. There was no mention of the equipment to be available in the cars, but one can make an educated guess; the compact Versa MSRP’s for just under $10,000, but there are no power windows and a radio is optional.

It is anticipated that the Mexican plant will put out approximately 200,000 vehicles per year; engines and transmissions included. The company forecasts the production of at least 1 million V based vehicles a year throughout its five capable plants.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)