Lutz: Production version of Cadillac Converj coming after 2012

General Motors’ Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has officially confirmed that the Cadillac Converj Concept will enter production and will use the same Voltec technology as the Chevrolet Volt.

Speaking at a Society of Automotive Analysts meeting Sunday, Lutz declined to give any official date on the production Converj, but said it would appear after 2012.

“You’ll see it when you see it,” he said. “We have to slot it into the product lineup.”

Who is GM targeting with the Converj? Lutz said that the Detroit automaker is looking at those folks living in congested U.S. coastal areas who are willing to pay high prices for fuel-efficient luxury vehicles.

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Refresher: The Cadillac Converj Concept is powered by GM’s Voltec-system along with 4-cylinder engine that produces 161-hp with a maximum torque of 273 lb-ft. The Converj can travel up 40 miles on battery-power alone. Top speed is rated at 100 mph. GM says that it takes less than 3 hours to recharge the battery at 240V and about 8 hours from a 120V outlet.

Cadillac Converj Concept:

Cadillac Converj

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)