What does Spyker have to say about its Saab bid on the Jan. 7 deadline?

Before the New Year came around, GM extended the Dec. 31 deadline to sell or shut down Saab until Jan. 7, giving Spyker additional time to come up with financing to buy the brand. Well, today is Jan. 7 and if you’re wondering what Spyker had to say about this day – here is their mini press release on the situation:

Spyker Cars today has made a revised offer to General Motors for the acquisition of Saab Automobile A.B.. Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars said: “We have continued a constructive dialogue with GM over the acquisition of Saab. He continued: “We believe the Saab brand has lots of potential and would be keen to close a deal as quickly as possible.”

As reported this morning, Saab delayed its board meeting today as bidders, including Spyker, made their last minute efforts to acquire the brand before GM shuts it down for once and for all.

– By: Omar Rana