Swedish govt to meet with GM next week regarding Saab, Spyker only buyer under consideration

In an attempt to get things moving for Saab, a delegation from the Swedish government will meet with General Motors next week in the United States to discuss the future of the brand. Swedish national news agency reported yesterday that representatives from the finance and industry ministries will meet in Detroit with GM and will also swing by Dearborn to meet with Ford regarding Volvo’s sale to Geely.

“As we understand it, GM has not closed the door to a sale, even if the official line is a wind-down,” state secretary Joran Hagglund said. “We want to make totally sure they  have all the information they need.”

Spyker, which wants to acquire Saab, has said that GM has set a deadline of Jan. 7 (tomorrow) for it to come up with financing to purchase the brand.

In a separate report, a person with the direct knowledge of the situation said that Spyker Cars is the only buyer under consideration for the Saab brand and that financing has been the main obstacle to a deal.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Reuters and Automotive News (Subscription Required)