Riversimple’s Hybran open-source fuel-cell car project moves closer to reality

Riversimple Hydrogen City Car Concept

Riversimple’s Hybran project, an open-source design for a fuel-cell car that anyone can access and build, has taken one step closer to reality with the publishing of the first engineering drawings now online. Riversimple says that all of its designs will be posted online starting with the car’s rear suspension layout.

Riversimple hopes to speed up development by gathering criticism from analysts and consumers.

“One of our hopes is that the open-source community will speed up development of the fuel cell and electrical network, as well as other key technologies,” said Hugo Spowers, a key partner in the Riversimple project.

Early last year, Riversimple debuted its new two-seater hydrogen-electric city car with an estimated fuel-economy of 300 mpg. Power comes from a 6kW fuel-cell system from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, which allows the two-seater to travel 240 miles on one small tank of hydrogen.

The first 10 Hybran prototypes are planned to be on the roads by the end of 2011. Riversimple plans on producing 5,000 units a year for the UK.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar