President Obama to skip out on 2010 Detroit Auto Show

Despite the hopes of the show organizers, President Barack Obama will not be attending the 2010 Detroit Auto Show next week. According to an administration official who spoke with the Free Press today, Obama has no plans on going to Detroit for the show to pose with plug-in hybrids or electric-vehicles.

Why? Well, Obama seems to has his plate full these days with two wars, $900-billion health care reform bill and attempted terrorist attacks. Other than that, his attendance at show would remind the American citizens about his decision to rescue General Motors and Chrysler for little political benefit.

If you’re an automaker and were hoping to get a picture of your latest plug-in hybrid or EV next to Obama, head down to the D.C. Auto Show at the end of this month (about 6 blocks from the White House).

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Free Press