A total of 1,712 Pontiac, Saturn vehicles remain in inventory

Saturn Sky

According to General Motors’ sales executive, Susan Docherty, a total of 1,712 Saturn and Pontiac vehicles remain in the company’s inventory. Docherty told reporters and analysts that only 796 Pontiacs and 916 Saturn units remain, as compared to 32,000 Saturns and more than 70,000 Pontiacs the company had in May as it filed for Chapter 11.

While GM waits for a successful bid for Saab, it is continuing to wind down the brand. As of right now, 1,235 Saab vehicles remain in inventory. Hummer, which is being sold to a Chinese company, has 2,176 units.

Together, the four brands represented 9 percent of retail sales in December, compared with 15 percent in May 2009.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoObserver