Ford dealers having trouble getting 2010 Taurus SHO and SEL variants

2010 Ford Taurus

Ford dealers are having trouble getting the SEL and SHO trim packages on the 2010 Taurus, due to Ford’s under-estimations on the popularity of each package which lead to under production of the two aforementioned levels.

“We’re definitely catching up on the demand,” said group VP of global marketing, Jim Farley. 38,361 Taurus sedans have been sold through November, 22 percent less than a year earlier, in the weeks American market in twenty some-odd years.

Ford sunk a lot into the marketing movement behind the launch of the Fiesta, including a program in which Ford lent 100 different individuals their very own Fiesta for a six-month test drive in order to gauge the public’s reaction to the car. Ford will also be offering a reservation system by which they will learn which variants of the car ought to be built, based on customers orders.

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2010 Ford Taurus:

– By: Stephen Calogera

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