Subaru skeptical about bringing rear-wheel-drive Toyobaru to the U.S.

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., of which 16.5 percent is owned by Toyota, is a bit skeptical about bringing its new rear-wheel-drive sports car that is co-developed with Toyota to the U.S. What’s the big deal? Well, Subaru is a well-known all-wheel-drive brand and thinks that a rear-wheel-drive sports car may drive away loyal customers.

“We”re an all-wheel-drive brand,” Michael McHale, Subaru of America Inc. spokesman told WardsAuto in an interview. He said that Subaru is wondering if brand loyalists would “forgive us a one-off exception.”

McHale said that if the rear-wheel-drive sports car doesn’t affect the overall core of the brand, it may bring it to the stateside as an “interesting option.” He said that the design of the vehicle is shared with its Toyota sibling and that brand differentiation will be present in the “front and rear, it essentially is the same vehicle.”

It was reported last month that Subaru’s version of the Toyota FT-86 will be powered by a 2.0L 4-cylinder making close to 250-hp, 50-hp more than Toyota’s version.

Toyota FT-86 Concept:

Toyota FT-86 Concept Toyota FT-86 Concept Toyota FT-86 Concept Toyota FT-86 Concept

– By: Kap Shah

Source: WardsAuto