2011 Ford Focus coming to 2010 Detroit Auto Show, will use ‘One Ford’ approach to marketing

2009 Ford Focus ST

At the 2010 Detroit Auto Show next month, FoMoCo will hold the launch of its mass-market 2011 Ford Focus. According to AdvertisingAge, FoMoco will apply its ‘One Ford’ program to the marketing of the new Focus. Rather than making a dozen different ad campaigns for each region, the automaker will use the same execution around the world.

“We really have changed the approach on how we work together as global and regional marketing teams and public relations in the way we will go to market and take waste out of the system,” said Jim Farley, group VP-global marketing and communications.

While in the past FoMoCo’s marketing in North America, Europe and Asia didn’t collaborate on vehicle launches, Ford felt that for the Focus, it was important to unify PR efforts and to make the best use of an auto show in the pre-launch phase, Farley said.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AdvertisingAge