Of the 10 best days of the year to buy a car, 6 coming up in Dec.

TrueCar.com, a website that tracks new car pricing, says that six of the 10 best days of the year to buy a brand new car are coming up this month.

“Over the past four months, there have been great opportunities for consumers to buy a new car – from cash for clunkers to Black Friday,” said Jesse Toprak, vice president of trends for TrueCar.com. “Our hope is that this list will help the consumer who missed out on those opportunities, plan for a purchase when the time is right for them.”

You’ve already missed the best day to go car shopping – Black Friday.

Check out the list after the jump.

December 24th – 7.25%

December 21st – 7.13%

December 31st – 7.04%

December 28th – 6.90%

December 14th – 6.86%

December 16th – 6.74%

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: USAToday