Honda Element to see second-generation despite disappointing sales

Honda Element

Even though the Honda Element has been a disappointing seller, Honda plans on going forward with a second-generation of its crazy crossover rather than phasing it out. According to John Mendel, American Honda Motor Co. executive vice president, Honda is hitting a key demographic with the Element that it can’t with the SUV’s platform sibling, the CR-V.

“Our specialty vehicles give a little spice to the brand,” Mendel said. “It’s all about platform usability. And the Element is part of that strategy. In the showroom you couldn’t get most Element buyers to even sit in a CR-V.”

He said that Element shoppers like the flexibility of the vehicle’s storage capacity, reports Automotive News.

Honda is now working to produce another oddly shaped vehicle from the CR-V’s underpinnings to replace the Element.

During its first year, Honda had a target to sell 75,000 units and ended up selling 67,478. After that, the Element never managed to break 60,000. The company sold just 26,447 last year, and 13,458 units in 2009.

– By: Omar Rana