Before you run out and buy an electric-vehicle, consider this…

Nissan Leaf - Chevrolet Volt

Electric cars are hitting the market with increasing frequency. While we all know the general benefits and drawbacks, there are some under-the-radar issues to consider before buying one of these gasoline sippers.

While cars like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt claim a quick charge time, they tell only half-truths. Plugging these cars into a standard outlet can make the charge time as long as 16 hours. These claims of a quick charging time are based on the use of special ‘quick-chargers’, and not the standard wall plug. These chargers are definitely a hassle, as they must be professionally installed and and approved by building inspectors.

The real marketing liability from this issue lies with the general public, and not electric car owners. Most current electric car owners are enthusiasts, and quite frankly they are aware of the issues involved with electric vehicle production. Marketing execs are concerned that the perceived hassle of electric car ownership will deter potential buyers from becoming actual buyers.

Nissan and GM have been working with government agencies across the country to prepare them to deal with the devices so that once they come to market, consumers will have an easy time with their inspections and such.

They also have in the works, public infrastructure for electric cars, but admit that these systems are more important for perception and ease of concerns than they are for actual use. Mark Perry, director of product planning for Nissan believes that 80% of charging is going to take place either at home or at work.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: CNNMoney