Audi’s CEO: We’re not green, we’re not going to do the EfficientDynamics thing

Audi e-tron Concept

Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler said that the brand will not try to be like BMW and position itself as a fuel-efficient ‘green’ brand. Stadler said that while Audi will do its best to improve the efficiency of its vehicles, it will not sell cars on the back of being a green car brand.

“We will stick to our Vorsprung Durch Technik philosophy, not have a catch-all marketing claim such as Efficient Dynamics,” Stadler told AutoCar. “We’re convinced in Vorsprung Durch Technik, we’re a dynamic, sporty brand but not necessarily positioned as a green brand. That will come about as a matter of course.”

Stadler said that Audi will concentrate on reducing weight of its vehicles and further developing its diesel and FSI technology. He said not to expect an electric-vehicle from Audi unless the company is convinced it would be true to the sort of performance Audi lovers have come to expect.

As reported yesterday, Audi will produce 1,000 units of its e-tron concept for 2012.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar