Volkswagen Golf lineup gets new LED rear lights

New LED Rear Lights on the Golf

Don’t you just hate it when you purchase a new model year of a vehicle and a couple months down the road the automaker decides to release some minor design change that causes you to lose sleep at night? It always makes us wonder who in their right mind is sitting at the design lab thinking “Well, we can wait until the next facelift or next generation model, or we can just release it quality hoping no one will notice.”

Well, it seems like Volkswagen is doing it the right way, by making an announcement that it is offering LED rear lights that will make your Golf R, Golf, GTI or GTD just a little more sexier. The night design rear LED tail lamps are standard on the Golf R and optional on all other Golf models.

Setting your Golf apart from the rest, the new LED tail lamp design features smoked rear light with two curved right angles, each angle containing eleven LEDs. Each of these angles forms the outer border for a distinctive LED centre dot, bringing your grand total to 48 LEDs.

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New LED Rear Lights on the Golf:

New LED Rear Lights on the Golf New LED Rear Lights on the Golf

A Premiere in the Compact Class:
LED Rear Lights on the Golf – New development in Volkswagen”s concise night design

Bi-Xenon headlights for better safety and convenience
Wolfsburg, 09 December 2009 – Trendsetter Golf: For the first time in the compact class, LED rear lights will now be offered on the Volkswagen compact: A concise night design is standard equipment on the Golf R, and on the Golf GTI and GTD it is available as an option for 350 Euros. A fitting added feature: Bi-Xenon headlights offer a significant plus in safety and convenience.

Each smoked rear light consists of two curved right angles, each angle containing eleven LEDs; each of these angles forms the outer border for a distinctive LED centre dot. With a total of 48 LEDs, this characteristic light signature makes the highest-performance Golf of all times easy to recognise in the dark. In daylight, another notable feature immediately comes into view: The low, white stripe defining the lower border of the rear light creates a very uniform visual surface. The overall impression is harmonious and high-end.

LED rear lights are more than just a clear signal of a sporty Golf. They are practically maintenance-free and impressively fast. Their response time to brake activation is 0.2 second faster than that of conventional incandescent lights. This difference can save lives: at a speed of 100 km/h it is equivalent to 5.6 meters braking distance.

Another safety and convenience feature are the Bi-Xenon headlights with dynamic cornering light that vary the lighting direction as a function of the steering angle, and dynamic headlight range adjustment. They also adapt the light distribution to their surroundings in city, highway and freeway driving depending on the car”s speed. For example, in city traffic – up to 35 km/h – the lane boundary on the driver”s side is illuminated much brighter. These headlights are standard on the Golf R and are available on all other Golf models starting at 1,295 Euros.

– By: Stephen Calogera