Toyota to add 850 workers to San Antonio pickup plant

2010 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota plans to to add 850 workers when they institute a second shift at their San Antonio, Texas pickup factory in February, according to company manufacturing spokesman, Mike Goss.

The move is to make San Antonio able to handle the influx of volume that it will be receiving by way of Toyota moving production of the Tacoma from California to the plant, reports Automotive News.┬áThe Tacoma will be relocated because the plant where it is currently produced – NUMI – will be closing.

The plant, which had previously produced the Toyota Tundra exclusively, had to cut the second shift after a disappointing 2008 wither regards to Tundra sales. The plant was built in 2006 with the intention of producing 200,000 Tundras annually. With the new merger, the plant should be putting out about 150,000 units annually – still under capacity.

– By: Stephen Calogera