U.S government looking for tougher side airbag rules

Side Airbags

In the latest attempt to address deadly auto-rollovers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed that larger and stronger side air bags be required to prevent ejections during rollover crashes. The measure, according to the NHTSA, could reduce rollover crash deaths by more than 10,000 instances per year.

In its proposal, the government stated that the increased performance standards would likely result in “side curtain air bags made larger to cover more of the window opening, (and) made more robust to remain inflated longer,” and that side air bags would then have to be “sufficiently strong to keep an occupant from being fully or partially ejected through a side window.”

Before leaving the White House, the Bush administration approved rules that require Electronic Stability Control on all new vehicles by model year 2012.

-By Stephen Calogera

Source: MSNBC

Chris Chin

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