Florida leads U.S. in pedestrian traffic deaths


Transportation for America, a nonprofit safety organization says that Florida ranks first (or last, depending on your point of view) in pedestrian-vehicle collisions, registering a total of 490 deaths last year from such accidents.

Pedestrian deaths are a major concern in the U.S., with 76,000 occurring since 1994, and an average of 400 per month.

Transportation for America attributes the problem to urban and suburban sprawl which emphasizes roadways and not sidewalks, bike lanes, and public transit. In a study conducted by TFA, it is shown that a mere 1.5% of federal transportation safety spending goes to pedestrian-friendly projects, despite the fact that they comprise about 13% of traffic deaths in the U.S.

TFA recommends that states like Florida focus on building ‘complete streets’ and include pedestrian-friendly features in the design, and more public transportation. Florida is notorious for its lack of mass transit.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Kicking Tires

Chris Chin

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