Happy Thanksgiving from egmCarTech

Tammy the Turkey

You’re probably wondering why we aren’t posting that many articles today. Well, Thanksgiving happens to be one of the very few holidays that us bloggers get a chance to rest our fingers and kick back and relax (which is weird because we’re still hunting the web for more news – it’s really an addiction).

We hope you all enjoy a safe Thanksgiving with your families. We may pop in here and there if we happened to come across something interesting.

In the mean time, let us know what you were thankful for this year in the comments section after the jump.

About the picture: A wild turkey, named Tammy by New Jersey Turnpike toll workers, crosses toll booths at exit 14B. Tammy was caught on Nov. 18 by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife biologists after spending about two months in the area.
– By: Omar Rana