Video: Chevrolet Volt will make ‘chirping’ sound to alert blind pedestrians

Chevrolet Volt Blind Pedestrian Test

General Motors and the National Federation of the Blind are cooperating are teaming up to identify a safe level of sound to alert pedestrians without sight that a silent-running electric or hybrid vehicle is present.

“We are confident electric vehicles can produce a safe and acceptable level of sound to alert blind pedestrians to their presence,” said John Paré, NFB executive director of strategic initiatives. “We look forward to working with Chevrolet and GM to identify an appropriate sound that will alert pedestrians in the most effective and least disruptive way possible.”

Several NFB members recently experienced a demo of the pedestrian warning alert on a pre-production Chevrolet Volt driven at various speeds by chief engineer Andrew Farah. While visiting GM”s Milford Proving Ground, they evaluated the “chirp” alert from the front, sides and rear of the car.

You can check out a video of their experience after the jump.

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: Chevrolet Voltage