Bloodhound SSC land-speed record car will make 135,000-hp

Bloodhound SSC

A little more than a year ago, we reported about something called the Bloodhound project, a group headed by Richard Noble and Andy Green that is working on a vehicle that can hit a top speed of 1,050 mph. The duo is out to beat their own record, and the current land-speed record, of 766 mph.

How is the project coming along? According to Inside Line, the Bloodhound gang has finally agreed on a power source for their car, known as the SSC. The base of the vehicle will be built to take a force of 50,000 radial g while supporting a 6.5-ton car traveling up to 1,050 mph – that’s 1.4 times faster than sound. Power will come from a 900-pound hybrid rocket that will be positioned at the rear of the SSC combined with a EJ200 jet engine. That will allow the Bloodhound SSC to produce 47,500 pounds of thrust – equal to 135,000 horsepower (yes, we’d love drive something that fast as well).

The project, based out of Bristol, is being sponsored by engine care brand STP and is being supported by over 2,410 primary and secondary schools, 178 colleges and 33 universities.

Where will the Bloodhound group run their land-speed record run? On Verneukpan in South Africa – a 10-mile-long flat with a mile of runoff at each end. The run is scheduled for 2011.

Bloodhound SSC:

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Inside Line