Honda’s vehicle lineup leads in fuel-efficiency in 2009 so far

2010 Honda Insight Hybrid

Preliminary figures released by the EPA on Friday indicate that Honda Motor Co. has the most fuel efficient line of cars in the United States, reports Detroit News. Hyundai Motor Co. came in a close second.

All vehicles sold in the 2009 model year are expected to average 21.1 miles per gallon in “real world” driving, which is one-tenth of a mile better than in the 2008 model year.

The figures take into account total vehicle sold, so its not surprising that The Big Three, which sell a considerably higher amount of trucks and SUVs, all came in at the bottom of the list. The top three preliminary finalists for 2009 were Honda at 23.6 mpg, Hyundai at 23.4 mpg, and 2007 top slot holder Toyota Motor Corp. at 23.2 mpg. Volkswagen followed with 22.3 mpg with Nissan and BMW tying for fifth place at 21.6 mpg.

The EPA standard is based on ‘real world’ fuel economy, and can come in at least 25% lower than sticker economy.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News