Fritz: No global future for Opel, Chevrolet will be global leader

Fritz Henderson

General Motors Company CEO Fritz Henderson, who is currently visiting Opel’s headquarters in Ruesselsheim to repair relations, said that Opel will not play a global role in the empire of the Detroit automaker. Nonetheless, Henderson said that GM will give the European brand more freedom.

“We have a strategy in Brazil around Chevrolet … It’s a strong brand; the last thing we usually need is another brand,” he said.

Henderson expressed very little interest to market Opel vehicles outside of Europe or even moving the company’s stats from a limited liability company to an incorporated stock company, reports Automotive News.

“Opel is a regional brand and I don’t see that changing. That doesn’t mean I’m closed to ideas about how it can be used elsewhere; but the measure of the Opel brand’s success will be Europe, because if you don’t win here all the discussion of exports will be irrelevant,” Henderson said.

Sorry to shatter your dreams of seeing Opel branded vehicles on U.S. roads.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Reuters