Top Gear in trouble for Volkswagen spoof suicide advert

Volkswagen Suicide Spoof by Top Gear

BBC’s Top Gear, known for attracting controversy, is being criticized by television watchdog Ofcom for showing scenes of a man committing suicide before 9 p.m. watershed. Ofcom said that Top Gear had breached broadcasting regulations that aim at protecting children from violence by airing a spoof of a Volkswagen advert in which man shoots himself in the head.

Ofcom said that Top Gear had breached rile 1.11 of Broadcasting Code. It said: “This edition, the final show of the programme”s thirteenth series, featured a spoof remake of an advertisement for a Volkswagen car which showed a man committing suicide with a gunshot to the head, followed by blood splattering out after the impact. “The scene also included a depiction of the dead man lying in a pool of blood. Fifty viewers contacted Ofcom to complain about this scene, which they felt was too graphic and unsuitable for the time of broadcast (8pm) because children were watching.”

You can watch the ad in the video posted after the jump.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Times Online