BMW’s third hybrid model to debut within 12 months

2010 BMW ActiveHybrid X6

Now that BMW has released the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and the BMW ActiveHybrid 7, what’s next for the German automaker’s hybrid lineup? According to the BMW ActiveHybrid X6’s project leader Peter Tuennermann, BMW’s third hybrid option will debut within the next 12 months.

He told AutoCar that “volume models like the 3-, 5- and 7-series are clearly more suited towards a mild hybrid set-up on the basis of their packaging and broad appeal.”

Based on some previous rumors we’ve heard, we’re putting our money on an ActiveHybrid 5 as BMW’s third hybrid model.

As for doing a diesel-electric hybrid, Tuennermann said that BMW is looking “at mating diesel engines with electric drive.” He said the main obstacle that remains is what layout best benefits the consumer.

2010 BMW ActiveHybrid X6:

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar