Fiat-based Chrysler models coming in 2012

Chrysler 200C EV

Starting in 2012, we can expect to see an influx of Fiat-based Chrysler Group LLC vehicles, according to Automotive News. Joseph Veltri, VP of product planning for Chrysler unveiled the product plan on Wednesday. 56 percent of Chrysler’s vehicles will be derived from Fiat platforms by 2014, Veltri announced in the plan.

Chrysler projects a $5 billion operating profit by 2014, CFO Richard Palmer announced during an eight-hour program outlining Chrysler’s strategy for the next five years.

Palmer predicts that U.S. sales will more than double during that time from 950,000 units sold this year to 2 million units sold. The plan also calls for each Chrysler brand to receive new nameplates that build off of Fiat platforms.

Chrysler’s 5-Year Product Plan:

Chrysler's 5-year Plan Chrysler's 5-year Plan Chrysler's 5-year Plan Chrysler's 5-year Plan

– By: Stephen Calogera