Report: Jaguar working on sporty hatchback for 2014

Jaguar RD-6 Concept

Tata Motors owned Jaguar is planning to add an aggressively styled sports hatchback model to its vehicle lineup in the beginning of 2014. The model is inspired by the R-D6 Concept that was first seen at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Originally, when Jaguar was owned by Ford, top-level executives weren’t too supportive of putting the R-D6 Concept into production and felt that it was a total clash with the brand’s image. Under Tata, Jaguar is now gaining support at the highest levels of the company as it moves forward with a more independent future, reports AutoWeek.

“There’s a growing feeling with the R-D6 that we really had something very innovative, fresh and different. Maybe we missed something back then, but the idea is even more applicable now,” a source said.

Internally known as the R-D7, the model is expected to help Jaguar reduce its corporate average emissions and improve its fleet fuel-economy. Power is expected to come from a range of V6 gasoline and diesel engines, as well as 4-cylinder options for some markets.

Prices are expected to start around $60,000 when the Jaguar sports hatch enters production.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoWeek
Image Source: Flickr (Olgun Kodal)