Toyota’s Australian team makes hybrid Camry faster, more fuel-efficient than Yaris

Toyota Camry Hybrid Concept

Toyota’s engineers in the land down under are hard at work on the new Australian-built hybrid Camry, which they say will be faster and sportier than its gasoline sibling. Even with more aggressiveness, the hybrid Camry will use less fuel than Toyota’s Yaris, says the man heading the car’s development.

Toyota Camry hybrid’s chief engineer Yukihiro Okane says that the hybrid sedan will debut on Australian roads in February next year and will be one second quicker than the gasoline Camry in terms of 0-62 mph. He said that the hybrid Camry will return as little as 38 miles to the gallon.

Okane said that the local improvements by Toyota’s Australian engineers will also mean that the car steers and handles better than the current Camry.

“We tuned the suspension and steering assistance only for the Australian market. It is much more stiff and sporty,” he said.

Can we please get those improvements on the stateside?

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Drive