Honda to offer electric-cars in the United States, Europe and Japan

Honda FCX Clarity

While many major automakers are jumping on the electric-vehicle bandwagon, Honda is one automaker that refuses to do so… until now.

“Fuel-cell cars will become necessary,” said Takashi Moriya, head of Honda”s group developing the technology. “We”re positioning it as the ultimate zero-emission car.”

It seems like Honda has changed its mind as sales of the Insight Hybrid disappoint and as hydrogen fueling station development moves forward at a steady pace. According to new CEO Takanobu Ito, Honda is considering launching electric-cars in the United States, Europe and Japan – a sign that the Japanese automaker is changing its strategy for the next generation of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Honda said that the slow progress in setting up hydrogen fueling stations could limit the sales of fuel-cell vehicles and that it may need electric-cars to meet tough California regulations.

Firm on the company’s original beliefs, Ito recently said at a press event that hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles would in the end be the key car technology, but that electric cars would be a core offering for it in the future.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Reuters