Bad luck: Michigan couple has two cars stolen in one-week period

Grand Theft Auto

It sucks to have your car stolen – not only because it leaves you carless but because of the hassle you have to go through to get it back (if you get it back). What’s even worse is having two cars stolen… in a one-week period.

Meet a Ypsilanti, Michigan couple, who had two cars stolen within a one-week period. First, thieves made of with the husband’s car outside a gas station on Oct. 8. He reportedly left the car running with the keys inside (never ever do that). His keys had his wife’s car key on the ring, which gave the thieves a chance to come back the following week and drive away with the wife’s car between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The police said that they have recovered the wife’s car later that Tuesday, but are still looking for her husband’s vehicle.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Chicago Tribune (via KickingTires)