UK driver could be fined for splashing children at a bus stop (w/ video)

UK Kids Splashed

Kerry Callard, 29, and her friend Alec Goff, 28, thought it was pretty funny to drive by kids waiting at a bus stop and splash them with water after a downpour. In fact, they thought it was so funny that they uploaded a video of it on YouTube with exciting commentary by Goff who was riding shotgun.

Police eventually received complaints after the video made its way around to YouTube viewers who didn’t find anything funny about Callard and Goff’s prank. Police said that Callard voluntarily contacted them and that she may prosecuted.

Callard said she was only doing because the she thought the kids were enjoying it (not sure how true that statement is).

While we found the video a little amusing, we felt awfully bad for the kids. What’s more amusing is that Callard and Goff, have nothing better to do in their late twenties than splash little children waiting for their bus.

Click through for the video.

Source: Telegraph (via Jalopnik)

– By: Omar Rana