Viper’s SmartStart app lets you start your car from your iPhone

Viper SmartStart

Viper has introduced a new iPhone app that lets your start your car remotely as well as lock and unlock the doors along with a panic button. However, it’s not as simple as downloading the app, installing it and aiming at your car.

If you don’t already own a Viper alarm system, you’ll have to cash out $499.99. If you already have a Viper alarm system, the SmarStart app will cost you $300. Not to mention there is a 29.99 a year subscription fee.

Why do you need to pay $29.99 a year? Viper says that the “SmartStart is an ‘always-on’ connected device that communicates over the GSM network. Just like a cell phone, the SmartStart requires a service plan from 3rd party provider to communicate over the network.”

Once you cash out all that money, you can start showing off to all your friends. Just make sure you have your keys with you – you never know when your iPhone battery might die.

Check out the Viper SmartStart site here.

Now available for BlackBerry as well. Check it out over at

Click through for a video demo.

– By: Omar Rana