FoMoCo nearing a deal with UAW on contract changes

Alan Mulally - UAW

Sources familiar with the talks said that FoMoCo is nearing a deal with the United Auto Workers to bring its contract in line with concessions granted to GM and Chrysler.

Ford originally opened talks with the UAW on August 25 to address areas where its labor contract differs from GM and Chrysler. After six weeks of negotiations, local UAW officials have scheduled a meeting in Detroit on Tuesday for a briefing on the talks.

Ford said that it is looking for concessions to remain competitive with rivals GM and Chrysler, which recently went through government-supported bankruptcies.

“We are making progress together, but we consider our discussions to be private and we have nothing to announce,” Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans said on Friday. The UAW had no immediate comment.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: MSNBC