Need to make payments on your Mercedes-Benz? Well, there’s app for that

Mercedes-Benz iPhone app

Mercedes-Benz has entered the apple universe with the launch of their iPhone application, which enables Benz drivers to make payments via their iPhone. Those customers who have a loan or lease with Mercedes-Benz Financial can get full access to their accounts through the application, including account status, the ability to make a payment, and even payoff quotes on their vehicles.

For those who still only dream about life as a Benz owner/lessee, the app still provides the latest info on the company’s vehicles, and for when the time comes, locate dealers and get directions right on your phone.

Senior Marketing Manager for Mercedes-Benz Financial, Michael Kanzleiter, told Autoweek that chose to develop the iPhone app first because nearly three-quarters of Benz drivers use smart phones and of those, one third use the Apple device. Another solid third Benz’s smart phone toting customers use RIM’s BlackBerry, and Kanzleiter says that the BlackBerry app should be available within six-months.

Currently the app is only available to U.S. Customers, but is poised to soon hit Canada and Mexico. Europe is unlikely to see the app says Kanzleiter, as most European buyers arrange for monthly payments to be automatically debited from their bank accounts.

Currently Mercedes-Benz is the only automaker to offer such services, but we doubt that will be the case for very long.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: AutoWeek