Zipcar iPhone app lets you honk and unlock

Zipcar - Honk and Unlock

Looking to find the last place you parked your car? There’s app for that. Don’t want to walk to your car and want it to drive right up to you? There will probably be an app for that someday too. But for now, if you’re looking to honk your horn and lock and unlock your car – Zipcar has a new app that will let you do just that.

The most useful thing the Zipcar iPhone app does is, helps you find Zipcar locations near you. You can then pick your choice of wheels and reserve them before you get to the Zipcar location. Besides helping you find out where you parked your Zipcar rental, the app lets you honk the horn and lock/unlock your vehicle. While that may prove useless and downright geeky – we would use our iPhone to lock and unlock every single day. Heck, we would even honk the horn with our iPhone before we got in. However, we probably wouldn’t go digging in our pockets for an iPhone when someone cuts us off.

Check out the Zipcar iPhone app here.

– By: Omar Rana