Fisker says it will only focus on plug-in hybrids, no plans to offer pure EVs

Fisker Karma

If all goes according to plan, we should see the Fisker Karma released sometime approximately this time next year. The Karma is a plug-in hybrid, a supposed to battery only ‘Electric Vehicles’, and company founder Henrik Fisker believes that will one day be the status quo, with regards to hybrid vehicles.

Supporters of the EV claim that the more simplistic design will eventually lead to a more cost effective products to produce and purchase, but Fisker feels that the EV is too limiting, and self-defeating when one considers what automobile ownership is really about.

“What is the car really all about? It’s about freedom. It’s about going as far as you want, whenever you want,” Fisker told Wards Auto. “That’s what you can do with a plug-in hybrid. You can go your 50 miles on electric, which is what most people will do. But you want to have that option if one day you want to drive on vacation or go and visit somebody who’s 600 miles away, you can do it.”

Though Fisker accurately describes the current state of affairs, the EV is still in infancy, and will certainly expand its range of capabilities as the future grows near.

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– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Wards Auto (via allcarselectric)