Henry Ford III, Ford’s great-great grandson, on his way to becoming a great executive

Henry Ford III

29-year-old Henry Ford III is on his way to becoming a great Ford executive – and no, it’s not because he is getting an MBA from MIT or the fact that he is the great-great grandson of Henry Ford. It’s mainly because he’s a humble, outspoken and straightforward individual who believes in Ford products.

“I think the Ford products are far and away superior to our competitors right now,” he told AutoWeek in an interview.. “I drove an Accord, Civic, Pilot, I don’t think they’re as well-designed, I don’t think they drive as well, I think our products are far ahead of them.”

“He’s the nicest, most unpretentious guy you’ll ever meet,” said Beau Boeckmann, vice president of Galpin Ford, the world’s largest Ford dealership. Ford III just finished up a summer sales internship at the dealership (you can check out a video of him in an American Idol give way by Galpin posted after the jump).

“He’s never been afraid to work,” said Boeckmann. “He came down on the Fourth of July to work the sale, even though I told him to take the Fourth of July off.”

So when his Henry Ford III taking over Ford? “That’s not something I’m really focused on, he said. “I’m not sure where in the company I’ll end up.”

For now Henry will return to Ford sometime next year and continue his previous job of helping negotiate a new UAW contract and supplier contracts.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoWeek