GM sees U.S. auto sales increasing by 2 million next year

General Motors Company is planning to see U.S. auto sales grow by 2 million next year. The company’s Vice President Brent Dewar said GM is projecting U.S. sales of 10.5 million vehicles for 2009 and 12.5 million in 2010 as consumer confidence begins to show improvement.

He said that while the government’s Cash for Clunkers helped boost sales for small cars, products like the Chevrolet Camaro and the Equinox crossover continue to perform strong even after the conclusion of the program.

Dewar told the Associated Press that Chevrolet makes up 50 percent of GM’s global sales but is expected to rise to 60 or 65 percent by next year.

Susan Docherty, general manager for GM’s Buick/GMC/Pontiac brands, is hoping to target the 3 million customers who still drive discontinued GM brands or models in an effort to keep them as customers.

“We do not want to lose one customer,”┬áDocherty┬ásaid.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: MSNBC